elza white is an artist and self taught metalsmith based in london.

Materials & Sustainability

all metal used is 100% recycled. each piece is made to order as this is a more sustainable method of production. the ancient technique of lost wax casting and silversmithing are used to create pieces. all stages of production are completed by hand in london.  

both natural and lab grown gemstones are used. lab grown gemstones are genetically and chemically identical to their natural counterparts. 


please allow between 3-6 weeks for orders to ship. as each peice is made to order, all sales are final. International orders may be subject to customs or duties tax upon arrival.  please contact elza.j.white@gmail.com︎︎︎ with any questions you may have or refer to the terms and conditions page below for more information. 


Maimoun NY︎︎︎  


for bespoke jewellery, objects or other commissions, please contact elza.j.white@gmail.com︎︎︎

Product Care

jewellery should be cared for to ensure longevity. peices should be removed when showering, bathing and doing physical work and protected from chemicals such as cleaning products and perfume. plated gold jewellery may require replating over time, please contact elza.j.white@gmail.com︎︎︎to arrange this for a small fee or for further information on care.

Other works